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Monthly Product News - November 2023

Updated: Feb 28

Updates! We've enhanced case management with new functionalities for case merging and more focused event notifications. We've also rolled out new ML relevance and label modules for improved event relevance, updated our training pipeline for consistent predictions, and welcomed a new Data Science team member to strengthen our AI solutions.

Event Notifications Revamped: Moving Towards Case-based Notifications

Last month we started the Case Notification Project. This month we made it better. We have two new functionalities for you. First: you can merge cases when you see fit. This gives you the ability to streamline case management, reduce redundancy, and maintain cleaner and more organized records. Second: events now get automatically assigned to cases thanks to the new algorithms we developed in an effort to free up your time and empower you to do what you are best at. Tune in next month for even more exciting improvements of our notification system.

Case Card: OEM Status Added

Machine Learning Modules: ML-Relevance and ML-Labels rolled out

Machine Learning Training: Training instances

Speed: improving our Condition Monitoring page

We are hiring even more talent

That wraps up our latest updates. We believe these enhancements will greatly improve your turbine monitoring process. As always, we value your support and look forward to your feedback.

Here’s to achieving even more reliable and efficient turbine operations!


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