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Power Anomalies

Discover hidden power anomalies with Turbit AI. 

With each event detected by Turbit, you can maximize your return on investment, save time on data analysis, and enjoy more than €10,000 in value per anomaly. 

Learn more about how "Turbit ML Power" works...


50.000 kWh (5000€) per turbine
of power losses remain undetected every year


Power might be reduced due to:

  1. Mechanical component problems leading to power throttling

  2. Wrong software parameters in the control system

  3. Control system updates and failures, like yaw optimization or other system updates

  4. Wrong sound curtailments

  5. Pitch misalignments

  6. Rotor imbalances

  7. Wear and tear of the blades

  8. Yaw misalignments

  9. Temperature (Icing) and cooling system problems (defect ventilators)

  10. Grid or electrical issues (from high reactive power demand to generator or converter or transformer issues

  11. Maintenance (forgotten reset of software settings)

Challenges in technical Operations

  1. No sufficient time and personal to always look into all kinds of data

  2. Ever growing portfolio of turbines becomes more and more complex to handle


With Turbit you get:

  1. Real-time power monitoring with maximum delay of 4h

  2. Low false positive rate below 10%

  3. Detection of the above mentioned

  4. High automation with relevance and priority prediction with AI

  5. Great Customer Success helping you communicate and manage issues with Service team and OEM

Turbit Facts and KPIs


< 4h 

Notification Delay


< 10% 

False Positive Rate



Return on Invest


How to Start

Connect your operations software stack to Turbit or upload SCADA data.

Book a demo with Turbit and learn how best practices in machine learning uncover underperforming turbines.

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