Turbit AI is built for Asset Management

Manage your portfolio with automated in-depth reporting on abnormal wind turbine behavior. Monitor main components and power curves - with unprecedented accuracy.

Why Asset Managers profit from Turbit


Work with single source of truth 

Wind turbines, identical in construction, run differently in the same parks. Turbit AI learns the normal characteristics of every wind turbine with historic SCADA data. Enrich the manufacturer's reference power curves with weather conditions on-site and compare them with AI-generated power curves from Turbit.
Focus on critical issues and strengthen your argument with spot-on reports in your monthly meetings with technical operations and service teams. 


Monitor Main and Sub Components 

Turbit AI derives more valuable and earlier information from SCADA data than basic descriptive methods. Since Turbit does not use any additional hardware sensors, you will have insights based on data provided by the OEM. Prevent sudden breakdown due to wear. Dive deep into the issue ad hand and take contextual information like service history into the decision-making process.

Decide whether it is time to go on-site for further analysis or take direct actions: regrease, flush, or order spare parts. Monitor and quantify the impact and effectiveness of your actions and move forward with thorough analytics at your fingertips.

Optimize wind parks with conviction

Neural networks learn the normal performance behavior of each wind turbine with historical SCADA data (of the last years) at the specific site (see How it Works). After implementing optimization measures, Turbit AI compers the newly generated SCADA data with simulated data from the previously trained models (historic SCADA data).

Thus, increased yield due to retrofitting of trailing edge serrations or vortex generators can be quantified. Likewise, quantify the higher yield from parameterization changes of yaw and pitch. 


Work with an AI Operating System 

Turbit AI is an operating system to reduce OPEX and increase yield per wind turbine. If your strategy fits into the following criterias, you should talk to us:

  • Massively expand your portfolio in the coming years

  • Optimize performance of newly commissioned wind farms

  • Operate wind turbines for as long as possible

  • Increase efficiency and automation

  • Implement predictive maintenance for wind turbines

How to Start

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.