Turbit AI is built for Asset Management

Our industry experience runs directly into the parameters of machine learning models. We detect and predict issues and communicate accordingly.

Why Asset Managers profit from Turbit


Mitigate risks

Modern machine learning algorithms derive more valuable and earlier information out of SCADA data than basic descriptive methods. More data-driven decisions reduce investment risks. In addition, every added turbine to our plattform leads to better model performance and insights for Turbit's partners.


Wind is a constant stress test

Turbit utilizes different turbine sensors like wind speed, wind direction and temperature as input data to simulate turbine performance - regardless of the weather conditions. Turbit uncovers patterns that precede technical issues, hidden in the data, and informs you with in-depth analytics accordingly.

More profitable operations

Constant monitoring enables more streamlined management from technical operations to service. Automatic time-series analysis can identify long-term trends. The correction of those issues increases the ROI of assets.

How to Start

Connect your operations software stack to Turbit or upload SCADA data.

Book a demo with Turbit and learn how best practices in machine learning uncover underperforming turbines.