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Detect Component 

Discover hidden temperature anomalies with Turbit AI. With each event detected by Turbit, you can improve uptime, and save time on manual data analysis.

Detect temperature anomalies that can lead to catastrophic failuresundetected 


If a main bearing, generator or gearbox is getting warmer than it should this often is a strong indicator to a problem that should be fixed immediately. But control systems don't give alarm, and if the do it is too late. With Turbit AI Monitoring you are getting ahead of the failure and can save months in downtime.


High temperatures might occur due to:

  • Mechanical component problems, e.g. a damaged bearing

  • Wrong or insufficient greasing.

  • Stuck Filters

  • Defective grease or oil pumps

  • Defective Cooling systems and fans

  • Broken oil connectors

  • Wrong software parameters in the control system

  • Wrong maintenance (e.g. extremely long maintenance cycles)

Challanges in technical Operations:

  • No sufficient time and personal to always look into all kinds of data

  • Ever growing portfolio of turbines becomes more and more complex to handle


With Turbit

you get:

  • Real-time temperature monitoring with maximum delay of 4h

  • Low false positive rate below 5%

  • High automation with relevance and priority prediction with AI

  • Great Customer Success helping you communicate and manage issues with Service team and OEM


Turbit Facts and KPIs


< 4h 

Notification Delay


< 10% 

False Positive



10 x 

Retun on



How to Start

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.

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