Turbit's AI is built for technical Operations

Turbit does not stop at meaningful predictions. Turbine status information and filters are added to send insights when you can take ROI positive action.


Why Technical Operators work with Turbit

High quality operations

With Turbit, you can build up on your high-quality work and tap into new opportunities to improve your services with automatic insights from machine learning algorithms. Once established, data science pipelines enable 24/7 quality management for your data-driven decisions.

Automate analytics workload

Profit from fast and thorough failure detection without the usual high manual analytics workload. Increase  operations quality with insights in your assets under management you never had before. In addition, fully automated AI Services help new and existing staff to consistently interpret and act on data.

Turbit is easy to use 

Turbit processes and analyses 24/7 SCADA data and sends a notification once there is an opportunity to act and increase performance. Before that, there is no hassle entering data or navigating through software.


How to Start

Connect your operations software stack to Turbit or upload SCADA data.

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.