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Turbit AI is built for Technical Operators

Turbit does not stop at meaningful predictions. Turbine status information and filters are added to send insights when you can take ROI positive action.

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Why Technical Operators work with Turbit


High quality operations


Turbit amplifies your existing high-quality work and opens doors to new opportunities for improvement with AI-powered insights. Implement data science pipelines for continuous, 24/7 quality management of data-driven decisions.


Turbit is easy to use


Turbit continuously analyzes SCADA data, providing you with performance-enhancing opportunities through timely notifications. No more manual data entry or navigating complicated software - just straightforward insights.


Automate analytics workload


Maximize profits with swift and comprehensive failure detection without the burden of manual analytics. Gain unparalleled insights into your assets and elevate operation quality. Benefit from fully automated AI services for consistent data interpretation and action by both new and existing staff.


How to Start

Connect your operations software stack to Turbit or upload SCADA data.

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.

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