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AI Monitoring 

Reduce operation and maintenance risk with Turbit AI Monitoring - Automate analytics workload massively in technical operations. Performance with our analytics modules and easily integrate everything with our API.


Turbit AI Infrastructure


The 4 steps of Turbit’s fully automated and self-improving AI infrastructure.

1. Data Engineering

Raw Data Collection

Data Lake and Warehouse

Selection of Training Sets

2. Anomaly Detection

Classic Deep NN* predict normal behaviour

Outlier Detection

Transfer Learning

3. Classification

Anomaly Classification

Failure Mode Prediction

Relevance Prediction

4. Feedback

Customer Feedback Functionalities


with Service

Reporting & Analytics Tools

*NN: Neutral Networks

   Retraining NN   

   Failure Database   

AI Infrastrutur

Turbit AI Modules


Modules are based on the Turbit AI infrastructure.


  • Detect underperformances up to +- 30 kWss

  • ​Monitor long-term power degradation or improvements

  • Automatic and highly accurate AI loss calculation

  • Turbit AI can handle complex sound reduction curves 


Label Prediction

  • Get AI relevance predictions of Turbit events

  • Automated event prioritization by AI

  • Get automated failure mode predictions by AI


Rotor Bearing

  • Temperature monitoring of the rotor bearing



  • Temperature monitoring of bearings, coolers and oil

  • Oil pressure monitoring



  • Temperature monitoring of bearings and coolers​


Classic Monitoring



  • Opt-In to our Benchmarking and compare your data with more than 7000 anonymized data years from Trubit.


Yaw Monitoring

  • Identify and monitor yaw misalignments and potentially increase up to 3 % annual energy production. 

  • Requires "high frequency data" package


Bat Monitoring

  • Get alarmed immediately, if bat control is not working correctly.

  • Turbit deals with the most complex rules from night tenth till hysteresis rules.


API & Integrations


Turbit API

  • Temperature monitoring of the rotor bearing

  • ​Real-time event reporting via e-mail

  • Technical  support


OPC/IEC Connections

  • Yaw Error Analysis for fixed environemntal conditions

  • 3D  yaw error plot as a function of dynamic environemntal conditions

  • Calibration support


2nd level SCADA 

  • Full integration to Rotorsoft, WIS, Greenbyte, Bax Energy, Bazefield, WEO, and many more.

  • Get Turbit events and cases directly pushed into your system.


High frequency data

  • Connection and long time storage of 60s or 1s data

  • High frequency data is available to all of Turbit's AI and analytics tools. 


Talk to our Experts

Ask our experts and get relevant insights of how AI monitoring can change the way you operate wind turbines

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