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Turbit Copilot

Turbit AI advances at a rapid pace. Outside of Turbit, LLMs improve fast. Turbit Copilot exploits these innovations, adds more wind-specific functionalities, and merges all capabilities into a powerful tool for technical asset managers. 


Wind turbine O&M risks are on the rise:


Higher workload in operations due more complex WTGs


Inconsistent service report interpretations when taking actions


Frequently no detailed history for specific components, recurring faults often go unnoticed


Not identifying root causes for underperformance results in inefficient troubleshooting


The rising risks lead to:

  • Underperformance

  • Unplanned downtimes

  • High spare part costs


It is time for smart Automation 


Introducing Turbit Copilot


Turbit Copilot saves time and significantly reduces risk. Copilot leverages Turbit AI infrastructure and gets exciting new features. A powerful tool for experts managing more, larger and increasingly complex wind turbines:


Failure Mode Prediction

  • Prediction of the failure modes, root causes and possible solutions with AI

  • Individual plots and explanations depending on root causes

  • All available data is input data for the Failure Mode Prediction


Relevance Prediction

  • Relevance Prediction of each alert

  • All Users and Turbit’s customer success engineers are labeling the data

  • All available data is input data for the Relevance Prediction


Event Similarity

  • Displays similar events of the same wind turbine and wind park when Turbit sends a new alert

  • The Similar Event Score is built up with raw data and data from Turbit Modules and KPIs in production


PDF AI Reader (Coming Soon)

  • AI PDF Classification and content extraction


  • Monitoring, alerting, and statistics about the completeness of documents and service reports


  • Alerts for abnormal oil analysis data or incomplete maintenance protocols


Request early Access

Turbit Copilot will be launched soon.

Join the automation revolution.

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