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Monthly Product News - March 2024

Updated: May 5

Happy March, dear Turbit friends! Spring is approaching, and we are busy in our office bringing you the updates you have been waiting for! This month, we've doubled down on our efforts. We launched the Copilot, added pitch monitoring to our portfolio, made our services more resilient, set the foundations of Turbits DataHub, and grew our team yet again!

Copilot launch: Gain Insight into Your Data, without the manual Excel labor

The Copilot is here ready to assist you! You can use this new feature to quickly gain insight into your data. All you need to do is drop a handful of documents. We take it from there.

First we classify your documents. To do that we rely on our own algorithms as well as the newest and most advanced Large Language Models (LLMs).

Then we look inside. Not only do we look inside but we also extract relevant information and present it to you in an accessible way. For your oil analysis documents we create a table with relevant information such as the condition of the oil, the date when a sample was extracted, the levels of contamination.

Additionally we notify you when abnormalities are found. Once we have identified an issue, we want to notify you as soon as possible so that you can take action and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Pitch Monitoring: Monitoring All Aspects of A Turbine

Service Uptime Monitoring: Making Sure We Are Always There for You

We always want to notify you when some of your systems are malfunctioning so that you can take action. To do that we need to make sure our systems are also running smoothly. Therefore, we developed a solution to closely monitor our internal system so that if the unthinkable happens and they go down we will be immediately notified and start working on a solution right away.

Turbit DataHub: Store and stream Data as Product

Lately we have been working on Turbit evolving into a data hub. Turbits DataHub optimizes wind park management through a singular OPC connection, ensuring secure, scalable, and future-ready data handling with minimal setup, complemented by an API that provides raw data access for enhanced service integration.

We keep hiring: We Keep Growing

Exciting? We feel the same way! We share your vision of a sustainable and efficient future and will gladly march there together! Come back next month to learn what more we have in store for your business!


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