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Monthly Product News - February 2024

Welcome back to our monthly dive into the exciting developments at our company! We had a bustling month with significant strides in both our customer-facing features and internal process optimization. Let's explore the advancements we've made

Case Notification Project: Advancing from Event to Case-Based Notification

  1. Kafka Pipeline Enhancement: Our Kafka pipeline has undergone a significant upgrade. This revamped system is now adept at intelligently assigning new events to existing cases or creating new ones when necessary. This refinement is key in reducing redundant notifications, as now similar events are collected in a single case and only notified once.

  2. Phased Rollout Strategy: The implementation of our new case notification system is well underway. Some users are already experiencing its benefits, and we anticipate a complete rollout by the end of February.

  3. Windpark-Level Email Notifications: Our system now supports targeted email notifications for specific windparks, offering users more personalized and relevant information.

  4. Customizable Event Assignment Options: We've introduced a range of options for event assignments to cases: Keep the default status 'unconfirmed' for assigning all similar events, ‘automatic_changes_locked’ to prevent new assignments, and 'open' for restricting automatic event assignments to events of turbines that are already part of the case.

  5. Dashboard Update: Our dashboard has adapted to this update. It not only displays open and automatically generated cases but also indicates whether they have been reviewed since the last automatic change.

Optimizing Internal Processes: Automation is Key

Scaling Efforts: Meeting the Demands of Growth

February is shaping up to be an exciting month, with focus on the Copilot Project, and our new product: Bboxes, an Industry PC that enables real-time data streaming of every sensor in the turbine into our data infrastructure. We are committed to continuing our trajectory of innovation and improvement.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our latest developments. We're constantly striving to refine our platform and services to deliver the best possible experience. Stay tuned for more updates next month!


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