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Monthly Product News - October 2023

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Great news! We've enhanced our neural networks to better predict event relevance, introduced new API endpoints for PDF storage and metric predictions, started refining our notification system to case-based alerts, and are expanding our team to continue elevating your turbine monitoring experience.

Event Notifications Revamped: Introduction of Case-Based Alerts

We have kick-started the Case Notification Project. In a strategic shift to improve your experience, we are modifying our event notification system to now focus on case-based alerts. Previously, individual events would each trigger a separate notification, which could lead to an overwhelming influx of alarms. By consolidating multiple events into cases, you will receive fewer but more meaningful notifications. Events grouped into cases will provide a broader context, making it easier to understand the significance and take appropriate action.

Neural Network improvements: relevance predictions

API: PDF-Storage Endpoints

API: Predictions Endpoint

We are hiring more talent

This is it for now. We are confident these updates will bring significant benefits to your turbine monitoring experience. We're here to support you and are eager to hear your feedback.

Here’s to safer and more efficient turbine operations!


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