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How Enercity prevented damage in the generator with minimum impact

1. Sudden change in Generator Temperatures

On January 10th, 2023, Turbit's monitoring system detected a significant increase in generator temperatures, rising from around 20°C to approximately 45°C. raising the alarm the following day, January 11th. This graph shows the sudden rise in generator temperature, which triggered the Turbit alarm (marked in red).

2. Collaboration and Problem Resolution

Upon discussing the issue with the wind park operator on January 17th, the team forwarded the information directly to their service partner. The service partner quickly confirmed the high generator temperatures on January 19th and decided to inspect the turbine's ventilator in the slip ring.

On January 24th, the service partner replaced the thermal relé of the ventilator. The temperature graph illustrates the temperature decrease, returning to its normal behavior since the relé replacement. Since then, no further temperature increase has been observed, confirming the implemented solution was successful.

3. Successful Collaboration and Minimal Impact

In summary, the combined efforts of the wind park operator and the service partner resolved the issue within 14 days after the temperature increase first appeared.

There was no downtime or power loss due to the incident, and the wind turbine returned to normal operations after the exchange. This case highlights the constructive collaboration between the wind park operator, and the service partner, resulting in minimal strains on the generator due to the short time period with abnormal temperatures.


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