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Monthly Product News - May 2024

Updated: 7 days ago

In May 2024, Turbit has implemented several key updates to enhance efficiency and reliability of our operations. These updates focus on improving data extraction and optimizing development processes. Below is a detailed overview of the latest advancements.

Data Extraction: OPC pushes data to MQTT cluster

Our OPC data extractor now pushes raw data to our MQTT cluster. This enables us to handle real-time data streaming, providing low-latency data transfer, reduced network bandwidth usage, and reliable message delivery. Moreover, MQTT brokers can manage a large number of connections and data streams. We now have a real-time, lightweight, flexible, and scalable data extraction system, which also facilitates supplying third parties with the extracted raw data.

Datahub: first API version

Development Optimization: Kafka Migration

Fixing Fires

By optimizing our data extraction capabilities, development infrastructure, and event detection system, we reinforce our commitment to put WTG owners in control of their wind park operations. See you next month!


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