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Monthly Product News - April 2024

April has come and gone, but what has remained consistent is our dedication at Turbit to offer you the best predictive maintenance service for wind turbines possible. The Datahub is coming to live, our Case Management is evolving and our Team keeps on growing!

Case Assignment: Labelling and Summarizing Events in one Place

As you already know we are moving away from events and are now summarising all you need to know in a single case. Therefore we put some love into the improvement of our case card. You can now label whole cases with a single drop-down menu. You can also rate the relevance of each event through the case card. If an event does not belong to a case, you can also easily remove it from the case card.

Additionally, as bat season is upon us, we made sure that bat events are integrated into the case notification pipeline now. In other words, irregularities from bat events are summarized in the case card as well.

Last, but not least, we took good care of a nasty bug 🪲. Events from deleted cases used to be able to find their way back to open or unconfirmed cases. These events will no longer be reassigned to cases where they do not belong and you will only see what is relevant to your current case.

Dashboards: Better experience

We have improved the update rate of the Turbine Information Dashboard so you can have access to the most recent information. We also made some improvements to the way we present information so that you know what is happening at a glance. We are always happy to learn more about your journey with our app so that we can offer you the experience you want.

Turbit Datahub

We keep hiring: We Keep Growing

We are really happy with our progress because we know that together with you we work for a greener cleaner future. Come back next month to see what is new!


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