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How SAB WindTeam prevents underperformance with Turbit

1. Fast reaction to underperformance

In May 2022, a sensor failure occurred at a wind turbine of SAB WindTeam. The power values of the wind turbine deviated from the simulated values of Turbit's neural networks as of May 26 and led to an automatic alarm. The alarm is marked in red in the graphic.

During the following analysis, SAB WindTeam's technical operations team determined that there had been a problem with the pitch offset. The service provider had manually set the pitch angle to six degrees, as shown in the graphic below.

Pitch angle in May:

With this measure, the service team successfully prevented a shutdown. At the same time, this was the root cause of the wind turbine's underperformance and Turbit's alarm. After a service assignment, the manual setting of the pitch angle was corrected again. No more alarms occurred in the following weeks. In preparation for the regular appointment with the service, SAB WindTeam comprehensively prepared the event.

2. Communication is key

The service provider performed a software update in July. On July 17, the wind turbine again experienced an underperformance. The graphic shows the automatic alarm for the reduced power - shown by the red and yellow markings.

SAB WindTeam's technical team checked the pitch immediately after the alarm, as changes had already been detected in May. This time, the pitch angle was fixed again. This second underperformance was checked by SAB WindTeam on July 21 and the service provider was swiftly notified.

The service provider was then able to react quickly and corrected the limitation of the pitch angle.

Pitch angle over time:

Due to the quick response of SAB WindTeam's technical operations management, the wind turbine was in normal operation mode already on July 22, 2022. Turbit's detection algorithms didn’t detect any further deviations between simulated and actual data and no further alarms occurred. The case was successfully closed.

3. The value added

Due to the quick reaction of the technical management of SAB WindTeam, the second underperformance was solved in a short time period and the added value was realised. The underperformance of on average 200 kW therefore didn’t go unnoticed for several weeks during the summer. The accurate alerting of Turbit in the partial load range of the power curve has enabled early action and thus ensured that the wind turbine enters the high-wind period with the correct settings.


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