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VSB Service GmbH deploys artificial intelligence from Turbit to monitor its growing wind portfolio

VSB Service GmbH, a company of the internationally active VSB Group, currently manages wind energy, solar plants, and substations with a capacity of about 1.4 GW. With the use of Turbit's artificial intelligence for the wind energy business unit, VSB Service GmbH is taking the next step after almost 2.5 years of testing to produce green energy even more efficiently.

Turbit has been developing AI infrastructure for wind turbine monitoring for five years to bring predictive maintenance and AI-supported performance monitoring with intelligent alarms into the daily work of technical operations management.

VSB Service GmbH's technical operations management has been optimizing the energy availability of wind farms for over 25 years. For this, well-rehearsed processes are crucial: from predictive operational management to regular maintenance and inspections to remote monitoring.

The demands on technical operations management are constantly increasing. A modern 100+ MW energy park requires more close attention from technical operations management. Online monitoring needs to become much more intelligent to ensure predictive monitoring of the portfolio.

"Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the wind industry. We were looking for a provider that integrates into our work processes. In addition to software integration, it was important for us to invest in a dynamic system that improves constantly and provides the infrastructure to work with high-resolution data," explains Eric Schacht, Project Manager Technical Operations Management at VSB Service GmbH.

Turbit uses historical SCADA data from the wind turbine to learn the normal behavior of wind turbines per site using neural networks. Turbit permanently simulates the normal behavior and compares it with the current sensor data. If deviations are detected, Turbit automatically sends alarms directly to the technical management. These alarms are discussed, tracked, and classified in regular exchanges with Turbit. These data are used to train deep neural networks that predict classification.

"In the pilot phase, we were already able to prevent breakdowns through timely service events thanks to smart alerts. After onboarding 279 wind turbines, we will focus on work processes as well as software integration in the next step. The third step is about expanding AI monitoring with high-resolution data," explains Michael Tegtmeier, founder and CEO of Turbit.

Andreas Kiss, Managing Director of VSB Service GmbH adds, "Our objective is to provide our customers the highest service standards in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. The development of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, brings many benefits to society and the environment. By using the latest AI technologies and precise analysis methods, we are able to address potential issues early and proactively, ensuring consistently efficient turbine operation. We are proud to have Turbit as a partner with their expertise to help us improve our daily operations with innovative and intelligent solutions, contributing to the development of a more sustainable energy future."


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