AI monitoring for wind parks

AI Monitoring for Wind Turbine Operations
and Maintenance

Detect failures months before they occur. Reduce repair costs through damage control, better planning, and less downtime.


From raw data to predictive maintenance and intelligent operations

AI monitoring processes for wind parks

Plugin Turbit’s data pipeline within your existing software stack.

Training of ML models for each turbine, component and site.

Use preset filters  and mark relevant events to increase model performance.

Get automatic insights and profit from Turbit's network effect.

Manage issues in real-time and increase power output.

Improve operations and maintenance

Power AI Monitoring

Increase Power

Turbit’s algorithms detect  power anomalies with an accuracy of 99 %. 

AI Monitoring Main Components

Detect Failures

Uncover uptime reducing issues.

Proactive AI Monitoring

Be Proactive

Manage, plan and resolve technical issues before stops or costly failures occur. 

AI monitoring: defective-fast shaft

Predictive Maintanence
for Wind Turbines

Turbit uncovers patterns hidden in raw data that precede technical issues months before they occur. With in-depth analytics from Turbit AI Services, you get all the information you need to prevent sudden breakdowns.

Performance Optimization with AI

Performance optimization with control values and thresholds is a time-consuming challenge. Also, this threshold analysis leads to a trade-off between "reliability" and "false alarms". AI Services resolve this trade-off. Get precise analytics when it's time to act.

AI Monitoring: power curve

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