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Turbit and Windpunx bring AI-supported operations management to market

The Berlin machine learning experts from Turbit and the operators from Windpunx are combining their competences to use a joint artificial intelligence (AI)-supported operational management. The declared goal is to further increase the availability of their customers' wind farms and thus drive the energy transition even further.

Since its founding, Windpunx has been consistently digitising operations management and is now taking the next step. Felix Genze, Managing Director, explains: "Operations management is largely responsible for the availability of wind turbines. By digitising relevant work processes, we will be even faster in fault and potential analysis and can thus use available capacities to optimise the yield of the renewable energy plants we manage." In order to be able to act even earlier and more precisely with the help of Big Data, Windpunx looked for a strong partner in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis and found what it was looking for in Turbit.

Turbit uses existing SCADA data to learn the norm behaviour of wind turbines per site. In this way, the data flow of individual sensors can be used to identify potential problems. Turbit permanently monitors the fleet of operators to identify potential failures or abnormal behaviour that negatively impacts annual production.

At the heart of Turbit are self-learning algorithms that are continuously improved through feedback loops. These work processes between AI and plant management are documented and the analyses provided in reports. With AI, the plant manager can not only increase annual production in the short term, but also monitor service calls and thus optimise the health of the plants in the long term.

Christian Fontius, Managing Director of Turbit, explains: "Artificial intelligence holds considerable potential for operators. This potential must be raised in everyday work. For this, a good cooperation with operations management is crucial for operators. That is why we are very pleased to have found a competent and experienced cooperation partner in Windpunx."

About the cooperation, Felix Genze says: "We put Turbit through its paces over 12 months and defined work processes together to be able to bring the added value of artificial intelligence to our customers on the road. We are very pleased to be able to offer AI-supported operations management to our customers together with Turbit in the future."

Michael Tegtmeier, Managing Director of Turbit, adds: "Our common ambition is to use artificial intelligence to advance the energy transition in a smart way. For this, we need strong partners and are very pleased to be able to work together with Windpunx on this mission."

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