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Big data and AI for the wind power industry

Determining the success or failure of renewable energy systems is in the details. This is becoming increasingly clear, especially for those systems that are no longer EEG-funded and have to assert themselves on the market without subsidies.

Technical and commercial management is becoming increasingly important here. On the one hand, it is about the analysis of ever larger amounts of data that are read out at the systems. Equally crucial is their evaluation by digital tools that identify sources of error in the systems and uncover potential.

The Berlin windpunx came here early to break new ground. The company has grown steadily since it was founded and has established itself in the industry with a high level of expertise in innovative digital solutions. In 2021, windpunx strengthened their own competencies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) through a cooperation with the Berlin machine learning experts from Turbit Systems GmbH in order to be able to support customers even better with the help of big data. "Through the digitization of relevant work processes, we will be even faster in the error and potential analysis," says windpunx Managing Director Felix Genze, "we can use available capacities to optimize the yield of the renewable energy systems we look after.

windpunx are now showing the enormous depth of service on a newly launched website. At, users get a deep insight into the many technological details that are increasingly becoming the prerequisite for the successful operation of renewable energy systems. Because many operators still leave potential untapped - and thus miss the opportunity for optimized earnings, which make the difference in tightening markets. "We want to get more out of the assets entrusted to us than usual," says Yannic Jenzevski, Director Sales & Business Development, "we love to act with foresight and make a lot of noise when it comes to digitization and innovation. We wanted to express that with a fresh website.”

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