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Advantages of High-Resolution Wind Turbine Data with 60-Second Data


Turbit, an industry leader in live wind park AI monitoring, provides operators and asset managers with advanced tools to detect and respond to abnormal wind turbine behavior patterns across various models and manufacturers. Our state-of-the-art operating system empowers organizations to reduce operation and maintenance complexity, optimize power output, asset health, and minimize downtime. Turbit for Developers allows users to create and refine AI monitoring models, leveraging our comprehensive failure database for better predictive maintenance and performance optimization decisions.

Turbit's Unique Selling Points

At Turbit, we prioritize exceptional customer success and support. Our system sends out alarms daily, not just in monthly reports, and is always evolving. We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking 60-second average data, a significant enhancement to the traditional 10-minute average SCADA data. Turbit has mastered the data engineering challenge of storing ten times more data with modern data streaming technologies like Kafka.

Advantages of 60-Second Average Data vs. 10 Minute SCADA data

The 60-second average data offers numerous benefits over the 10-minute average data, just some examples are:

  1. Improved Accuracy: Higher resolution data enables a more precise representation of wind turbine behavior, making it easier to identify potential issues and optimize performance.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: The 60-second data unveils previously hidden processes, such as yaw algorithms and rotor imbalances. This increased visibility allows for more accurate power predictions and the ability to detect imbalances through high-resolution rotor speed data.

  3. Better Usability: Despite the increased data volume, Turbit maintains fast website response times and scalable infrastructure, ensuring a seamless user experience.

A whole new world opens up with 60-second data

Our example images, comparing the windvane orientation in 10-minute and 60-second average data, demonstrate the advantages of higher resolution data. The 60-second data provides a clearer picture of how the turbine yaws into the wind. This detailed information enables more accurate lifetime calculations for yaw motors, allowing for better predictive maintenance and ultimately prolonging the lifespan of these components.

Real-World Applications and Technical Insights

The 60-second data uncovers essential details and processes that were previously concealed in 10-minute values:

  1. Electrical Processes: Higher resolution data reveals electrical processes, such as generator load fluctuations and grid interaction, which can help identify areas for optimization and potential issues.

  2. Cooling Systems: The 60-second data captures temperature peaks in cooling systems more accurately, allowing for early detection and resolution of overheating problems, thus extending component life.

  3. Pitch Regulation: The improved data resolution provides more precise information on pitch regulation, enabling early detection of issues in pitch motors and other related components.

Challenges and Solutions

Transitioning to 60-second data may present some challenges:

  1. Connectivity: Turbit recommends a direct connection to the wind park via OPC or IEC connections. While some customers may already have the data, others may need to establish new connections. We recommend using fast fiber-optic connections for the best performance.

  2. Historical Data Storage: Storing higher resolution data can be a challenge, but starting with Turbit as soon as possible can help maximize the benefits of 60-second data.

Act as early as possible

Turbit is currently launching the 60-second data feature with five customers as beta users, and we aim to create a sense of urgency for others to experience the benefits of this higher resolution data. The reason for this is, that not always historical 60-second average data is stored and it needs to be recorded early enough to get the benefits of it in the future.

If you are interested to learn more about the benefits:

Contact Turbit today to learn more about the advantages of 60-second data and how we can help you transition to this higher resolution data. Don't wait to make the most of your wind park AI monitoring. Especially if you're planning new wind park installations, a 60-second average data collection from the start is a good strategy to benefit on the long run.


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