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Turbit is fully integratable

Anomalies evolve over several months or years before breakdowns occur - or remain undetected. Turbit AI detects those anomalies hidden in the DD portfolio.

Deploy Turbit AI Due Diligence

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Screen the DD portfolio for performance and component anomalies:


AI performance analysis 

Thorough performance analysis at each site. Abnormal behavior patterns like a degradation of the power curve will be detected.​


Benchmark and uncover Opportunities within the portfolio 

Accurately quantify with a global neural network whether the wind turbine is performing like an average wind turbine (identical in construction) under same weather conditions (portfolio benchmark).

Risk Assessment of Main Components 

Examine whether there are anomalies like a temperature trend in each component of the portfolio (e.g., rising temperatures in the generator bearing).

Benefits of SCADA based Due Diligence while buying Wind Parks

  • Comprehensive data analysis via the supply of historical SCADA data can simplify the purchasing process

  • Systematically check each wind turbine of large portfolios 

  • Analyses is feasible in a short period

End of Full Service Agreement

Turbit AI verifies the health of the wind turbine and its components such as generator, gearbox, or pitch motor. Evaluate wind turbine performance with global neural networks for specific turbine types and components. Comprehensive analysis methods during SCADA data-based due diligence always expand the list of deficiencies and build up negotiation arguments.


Sell Wind Parks

Streamline the buyer's journey and provide an in-depth report on the health and opportunity for prospects. De-risk the process for potential buyers and reduce the overhead of traditional due diligence activities like manual inspections on sight. 


End of Warranty 

Derive more valuable and earlier information, like an abnormal temperature pattern in the generator bearing out of SCADA data. Pinpoint upcoming faults earlier and claim warranty.

Use Cases for SCADA Data Due Diligence


Buy Wind Parks

DDuring the due diligence process, some of the following activities are required:

  • Examination of permits, contracts for construction, lease, maintenance, operation, grid connection wild life requirements

  • Wind assessments, analysis of production data

  • Failure statistics, service quality in certain regions, Expert reports on the lifetime, Repowering probability, manufacturer, sample manual assessment on site, etc...

Asses the portfolio with Turbit and identify opportunities and risk for a more informed negotiation and decision-making process.

Request Due Diligence Services

Book a demo with Turbit and learn more about SCADA data-based Due Diligence

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