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Detect Power Anomalies

Discover hidden power anomalies with Turbit AI. 

With each event detected by Turbit, you can maximize your return on investment, save time on data analysis, and enjoy more than €10,000 in value per anomaly. 

Learn more about how "Turbit ML Power" works...


x kWh of losses remain undetected every year

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Power might be reduced due to:

  • Component problems leading to maximizing power

  • Wrong parameters in the control system


Benchmark and uncover Opportunities within the portfolio 

compare with other turbines 

1. what we can detect

2. how good we can detect stuff (statistics)

Do you find the time to detect these events?

Let Turbit AI do the work...

 working with turbit has this ROI

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End of Full Service Agreement

Turbit AI verifies the health of the wind turbine and its components such as generator, gearbox, or pitch motor. Evaluate wind turbine performance with global neural networks for specific turbine types and components. Comprehensive analysis methods during SCADA data-based due diligence always expand the list of deficiencies and build up negotiation arguments.


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