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Turbit AI is built for Asset Management

Streamline portfolio management with automated, in-depth reports on abnormal wind turbine behavior. Enjoy unparalleled accuracy in monitoring key components and power curves.

Why Asset Managers profit from Turbit

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Work with a single source of truth 

Identical wind turbines may have varying performances within the same park. Turbit AI leverages historical SCADA data to understand the unique characteristics of each wind turbine.


Enhance manufacturer reference power curves with real-time weather conditions and compare them with Turbit's AI-generated power curves.


Elevate critical discussions and make informed decisions with precise reports during monthly meetings with technical operations and service teams."


Monitor Main and Sub Components 

Turbit AI transforms SCADA data into valuable insights far beyond basic descriptive methods. No additional hardware sensors are required, relying solely on OEM-provided data. Avoid unexpected breakdowns caused by wear and tear. Enhance decision-making by taking a deep dive into issues and considering contextual information like service history.


Evaluate the need for on-site analysis or immediate action such as regreasing, flushing, or ordering spare parts.


Track and measure the impact of your actions with ease, enabled by Turbit's comprehensive analytics at your fingertips.

Optimize wind parks with conviction

Turbit AI uses historical SCADA data from the last several years to train neural networks and understand the normal performance behavior of each wind turbine at a specific site (refer to How it Works). After implementing optimization measures, Turbit AI compares newly generated SCADA data with simulations based on previously trained models (historic SCADA data).

Quantify the increase in yield resulting from retrofitting efforts like trailing edge serrations or vortex generators, as well as changes in yaw and pitch parameterization. Gain a clear understanding of the impact of your optimization measures.

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Work with an AI Operating System 

Turbit AI is an operating system to reduce OPEX and increase yield per wind turbine. If your strategy fits into the following criteria, you should talk to us:

  • Massively expand your portfolio in the coming years

  • Optimize the performance of newly commissioned wind farms

  • Operate wind turbines for as long as possible

  • Increase efficiency and automation

  • Implement predictive maintenance for wind turbines

How to Start

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.

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