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AI Monitoring for Wind Turbine Operations

Reduce risks of failures by detecting them months in advance. Cut repair costs and minimize downtime with effective damage control, proactive planning, and improved efficiency.

It matters how you operate and maintain  wind turbines

Supercharge technical operations with AI

In the past, the economic damage of a power anomaly e.g., unnoticed curtailment of an 800 KW rated power wind turbine, didn´t carry much weight.

Today – with bigger wind turbines and five-figure revenue losses per incident – intelligent wind turbine operation is more relevant.

In fact, the economic impact of wind turbine operations and optimization has never been bigger. 

Reduce risks with
predictive maintenance 

Failures can significantly decrease annual energy production (AEP) and the costs can quickly accumulate during periods of high wind speeds.


Unfortunately, incorrect diagnoses and repairs can lead to repetitive service events, extended downtimes, and challenging decision-making processes.

AI Monitoring Infrastructure Ready to Scale

AI monitoring processes for wind parks

Plugin Turbit’s data pipeline within your existing operations software.

Automatic training of ML models for each turbine, component and site.

Use preset filters  and mark relevant events to increase model performance.

Get automatic root cause prediction and profit from Turbit's network effect.

Manage and communicate issues with Turbit's knowlede and support.

Reduce Operation Risks

Reduce Power Risks

Detect power losses immediately and optimize energy production and availability.

Reduce Component Failure Risks

Detect failures months ahead and reduce downtime risks and repair costs significantly.

Manage Proactively

Manage, plan and resolve technical issues before downtimes occur. 


Predictive Maintanence
for Wind Turbines

Turbit unveils hidden patterns in raw data, predicting technical issues months in advance. Harness the power of Turbit AI Services' advanced analytics to stay ahead of unexpected breakdowns and ensure optimal performance.

Performance Optimization with AI

Optimizing performance through control values and thresholds can be a tedious and challenging task. The dilemma between "reliability" and "false alarms" is often encountered during threshold analysis. Let AI Services simplify this challenge. Rely on precise analytics to act at the right time.

With Turbit's solutions and the straightforward collaboration, we get a much better view of our asset base. A real added value for technical operations and asset management.

Oliver Kayser ~ SAB WindTeam

Start with Turbit

Connect your operations software stack to Turbit or upload SCADA data.

Book a demo and learn how Turbit AI changes operation and maintenance for wind turbines.

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